The trails system

We bought this 39-acre plot in 1994.  I don’t have a very good sense of direction, so I never felt comfortable just wandering or bushwhacking through the trees on our property.  As a result, during the early years, I primarily walked on Trail Ridge Road, the private road through the development.  Luckily, the road is lovely and an easy, open walking option.  Once we built the house and began to spend more time here, I had an urge to do more hiking.  After scrambling up the ridge to east by following a deer trail, I asked Zell if he could build a few trails for me.  (Zell was a trail builder with the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference when we lived in the East.)  The result of this request is now a lovely set of interconnected footpaths that have changed my relationship with this property.

This section gives you a brief introduction to the major footpaths.  I’ve organized them roughly by “eastern” trails (those to the east of the house, toward the river) and “western trails” (those to the west of the house, toward the mountains), although some of the western trails end up on the east side.  For each trail, I’ve included a rough map (done with the GPS tracking feature) and a photo (or photos) of the trail head (when available).  I also offer the story behind each trail’s name.

Eastern trails


Western trails



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