Mountain Bluebird Father’s Day


In opening this box, we obviously caught the male Mountain Bluebird (MOBL) in the midst of some kind of domestic “chores.”  It looks like one of the soon-to-be fledglings must have scampered away from the front of the box as we opened it—right on top of dad in the back corner.  (Amazing what good dads will put up with from their teenagers…) Everyone froze; then Zell sprang to life to snap a quick family photo to commemorate Father’s Day in this MOBL household.

This photo is a bit unusual in two ways.  First, this adult male is a really bright blue, which you get a bit of a hint of with him scrunched in the corner.  (Click on the photo for a larger view.)  Most of the male MOBLs in our area are a bit paler and grayer.  Second, we have very few photos of the feathers on the wings and back of a nestling this old—probably about 16 or 17 days old.  It’s not often you can convince one to climb up in a corner to get this view!



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